Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vascon Initiative to Take Care of Construction Workers’ Health

Vascon Engineers Ltd., has come up with a pilot project started that aims at digitising the health conditions of construction workers, the project will be conducted in a partnership with Sion Hospital. This project would be helpful in mapping and improving the health of migrant labourers in the city.

“Presently, no health records are available for construction workers. We do not know their immunity pattern or their susceptibility to diseases. The digitised health records will help us map disease patterns and causative factors,” said Dr Ramesh Chaturvedi, head, preventive and social medicine department, Sion Hospital. The number of construction workers in the city goes beyond 27 lakhs.

Housing Development Infrastructure Limited (HDIL) and Vascon Engineers, which are carrying out construction at a 55 acre site at Kurla, have decided to get health check-ups done for their 2,000 workers and upload the information on the company website. Each worker will be given a unique identification number.

Last May, HDIL had sought help from Sion Hospital’s preventive and social medicine department to control the spread of malaria at its Kurla site. A team of 10 doctors and medical social workers have been monitoring the site every day and conducting awareness programmes.

“The construction workers come from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. They return to their villages in two to three months. So, it becomes important to have a system where their data can be accessed irrespective of their location,” said Sanjay Muttepawar, assistant vice-president, Vascon Engineers. “We will start uploading the data by February.”

Workers will not have to be screened for physical fitness every time they seek treatment. Doctors would be able to access the health history by logging on to the company’s website.

A worker’s web profile will have his health history, anaemia profile, instances of relapse, hearing and vision check up details and information about possible addictions.

Doctors from Sion Hospital will also analyse the data. “Every disease has a particular trend, and if that trend is changing we will be able to detect that,” said Dr Chaturvedi.
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