Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vascon Engineers organised a play, titled The Murder Mystery

SUPPER theatre came to town when Lilatha and R Vasudevan of Vascon Engineers hosted an evening filled with fun, mystery and intrigue at a well-known hotel. 
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They had organised a play, titled The Murder Mystery — Meal with the Mob, which was performed by theatre artistes from the UK. There were many guests from various industries who were in attendance. The guests enjoyed the performance while being served a lavish five-course gourmet dinner.
Mr and Mrs Rantala
 The audio-visual of Vascons upcoming project Windermere, a joint venture with Rajesh Builders, comprising ultra exclusive apartments in Koregoan Park was shown. The project also includes two towers, one with uber luxurious duplexes with its own private swimming pool and other, which has premium apartments. The guests were seen exchanging pleasantries with each other during the performance. 
Rajesh Singh and Vijay Adwani 
 Mr and Mrs Behram Wadia, Rajesh Singh and the Malhotras were seen enjoying the evening. Feroz and Lila Poonawalla were also present along with Shailesh and Parul Mehta. Tabassum Verma was chatting with Siddharth Vasudevan. Ravi Chopra, Rajesh Singh, Vijay Adwani were seen having a good ime.
Tabassum Verma and Siddharth Vasudevan

Ravi Chopra
(Left and right) The actors in performance

Feroz and Lila Poonawalla 

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Parul Mehta and Shailesh Mehta

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