Friday, April 15, 2011

Learning Lessons

The state high rise committee has framed new guidelines for property developers in Pune and entire Maharashtra after the ‘Adarsh’ housing society fiasco. As per the new stated guidelines every developers has to submit a final plan before seeking approval. This will ensure that no builders can change their plan once the same is cleared by the committee.

The new guidelines have specified that builders have to submit their applications based on the available FSI. In the case of Adarsh, the former civic chief Jairaj Pathak approved additional FSI but did not send back the revised plan to the high rise committee. As per the committee recommendations, 
real estate in Pune and other parts of Maharashtra has to specify the detailed layout plan including the surrounding of buildings including 1.3 km radius of the proposed project site.

The new framed policy will ensure that property developers in Pune and rest of Maharashtra submit the following details:

• The main access road with its width, number of high rise in the vicinity, buildings of archaeological importance, heritage sites, school, places of worships, forests and national parks and also distance between each structure.

• All developers are expected to keep an appropriate space for pedestrians, fire brigade, ambulance and riot vehicles.

• As per the new recommendations developers have to submit details of water supply with its proper usage in distribution in flats, gardens and sewers.

• According to the committee revised proposal the minimum distance between two high rise should be 20 meters.

• Several surveys have to be carried out by the developers to ensure proper environmental balance, open space, traffic, soil profile study and other amenities including energy and water usage.

The purpose of the new recommendations will ensure proper aesthetics around the buildings and foster environmental balance. Such steps are taken to mitigate any fiasco in near future and rejuvenate the confidence of property developers in Pune and rest of Maharashtra.

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